Do You Live in One of the Ten Most Expensive States for Insurance Coverage?

No one plans to get sick, crash their car, or have a tornado destroy their home. So, to manage the risks in our lives and protect our financial well-being, we spend trillions of dollars each year on insurance.

According to a recent NerdWallet study, the average American spends $5,261, or 12% of their yearly income, to insure their health, home, life and vehicle.

On average in the United States, we spend $1,100 for auto insurance; $2,823 health insurance; $1,034 to insure our homes; and $304 for life insurance every year.

But, depending on where you live, these insurance costs can make up a larger or smaller percentage of your overall household expenses.

NerdWallet broke down major insurance costs as a percentage of income to see how much Americans are really paying across the country. Keep reading to learn if residents of Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania or Virginia pay the highest portion of their income to cover insurance premiums each year. Click Here to See the Ten!