Retirement Security in Pennsylvania & Delaware Undermined When Doing It Yourself?

Retirement planning is probably one of the biggest financial challenges most consumers will ever face. The majority likely requires help to set the stage for a financially secure retirement — even if many of them don’t yet recognize that need, or think they are better off handling their own portfolios rather than receiving assistance from a professional advisor.

A “do-it-myself” mentality — while perhaps valid for those who have expertise and experience managing investments on their own — may not be the most appropriate method for many to navigate the potentially bumpy road to retirement, particularly given the survey’s findings regarding the glaring lack of knowledge among consumers when it comes to retirement products and services, such as annuities.

KC Financial can effectively assist, identify, target and educate a “do-it-yourselfers” to better inform them about the benefits of professional advisory services, as well as the potential hazards of self-service.

Targeting non-consumers of professional advice presents some interesting challenges for insurers. Obviously, only a subset of this segment might be persuaded to engage with professional advisors. But converting more do-it-yourselfers to advice-seekers could be rewarding if executed in the right manner. Read More