Disability Income Insurance

Question: What is your most valuable asset? Hint: It is not your home. The answer: It's your ability to earn a living! Without your ability to earn a living, you will be unable to purchase a home, or pay the mortgage, save for your children's education and fund your retirement program. Consider this, a 45 year old earning $100,000 a year who wants to retire at age 65 has a potential loss of $2,000,000 of future earnings if he or she becomes totally disabled. That's a staggering amount and does not factor in changing employers for a better position and income, raises and promotions. People do not hesitate to purchase homeowners insurance and car insurance. Why would you not insurance your most valuable asset, your ability to earn a living. Ask yourself this question. How long could I last, without a paycheck, before it would be difficult to pay for everyday expenses? Disability Income Insurance is the most overlooked of the personal insurance programs. It is designed to replace earned income due to sickness and injury. Besides income, health, age, occupation and smoking status, there are 3 basic components that determine price. These are the monthly benefit, the benefit period and the elimination period. Also, there are optional riders that can be purchased such as cost of living adjustments and future income options. Even if you have coverage through your employer, you may be eligible to supplement that amount. Call me at 888-628-6100 to discuss.

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